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I Am The Cuzzy

I originally hail from Washington, DC (yep, the nation's capital!), tourist hot spot and home of the Washington Redskins football team.

I love Japan, the United States Marine Corps, justice (Move over Kim Kaphwan!), watching anime, playing video games, taking care of animals, and hanging out on the Internet.

My western astrological sign is Virgo, and my Chinese astrological sign is the Dog.

I have four cats: India- a Black and White shorthair, Blossom- a Silver Longhaired Persian, Memphis- a Black and White kitten, and Cricket- Grey Longhaired Mommy of India.

I constantly crave (but not necessarily in any combination) bread, roast beef, cheese, and chocolate.

I hope to someday become an actress, a singer, an author, and a prominent zoological geneticist... Dunno in what order I'll accomplish each of these goals, though. For now I'm a massage therapist. ^^;

I hate chaos, being alone, spiders, overly gross stuff, close-mindedness, injustice, and rejection by others.

I would like to see *in person* the world's famous landmarks- like the Eiffel Tower and the Great Pyramids!

Yeps, that's me on the left in black... neat, huh? LOLs, it's the ONLY pic I've ever scanned of myself...

The History or Story Behind My Site
Dunno what to say here, really... This site is just a place to show off my stuff, that's all... It kinda morphed over time into a place solely to show off yaoi links and my Well of Souls user skins. Not much else... Umm, ZeekyBoogyDoog!! *blows up the page*


About The Cuzzy