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Okay, here are the sites!!
These are links to my fave sites and sites I belong to!

WARNING: some of the links listed contain YAOI, meaning if you don't know what that is or you don't like it, then DON'T CLICK ON 'EM... Duh! Like, don't go whining at me, peoples, 'cause I LOVE cute bishounen and sexy guys!! YAOI ALL THE WAY, BABY!! ^_^

Sites I Like and Use All The Time
Google Ah, where would we be without it!!
Orochinagi and Alternate ON Forums Dude, I LOVE this forum! I've been a member for some time now, and it is by FAR the wackiest and coolest forum around!!
GameCombos Forums The GCC forums, another cool beans site! I usually hang out around the Arc Systems area (for Guilty Gear stuff) and the Namco area (for Tekken stuff).
Higher Voltage (HerV) HerV forums has GOT to be one of the zany-est places around, if not THE... hentai and one-liners flow freely here!

My Fave Sites
Tekken Zaibatsu If you're a Tekken fan, this is THE place to go! Fanart galore, combo videos, information on any game in the series, this one-stop site has it all!
Zazzarius's GGX Sprite Site This guy is too cool for words!! Zazz has *tons* of sprite rips from Guilty Gear X, and he's always adding new ones!!
The Vampire Game This is a neat online game where you play as a vampire. Come check it out!
Fighter's Generation A comprehensive site listing all characters from fighting video games, complete with info and pics for each char!
Adventure Quest A very nice MMORPG that's free!! I have three chars on it already, and I higly recommend it to everyone! From casual gamers on their lunchbreak at work to diehard gamers that live on the servers, this game has everything you're looking for!
The Demented Cartoon Show This is a Flash movie that's about a half-hour long or so. It *ROCKS*! It cracks me up every time I watch it!!