Autumn The Cuzzy's Well of Souls World- BioHazard
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Imagine being able to play through all of your favorite survival horror games at the same time!
BioHazard covers favorite series like Resident Evil, Clock Tower, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve, Fatal Frame, Koudelka/Shadow Hearts, Nightmare Creatures, and Alone in the Dark.
Also experience rare or hard-to-find horror games lite Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and IllBleed!
No "John or Jane Doe" characters here, each NPC and enemy from the greatest to the least interacted-with is from a survival horror game!
Backgrounds, music, locales, all from the games! See if you can match them to the games they belong to!


  • Interactive maps with plenty to do for *ALL* levels and tons of neat secrets to explore!

  • Ten starter classes allow you to play as a frightened survivor, a gun-wielding savior or even a monster, with plenty of hidden classes to try for!

  • Each class plays completely different and interactions with other characters will be just as varied. Your class might not have alot of HP, but you might have TONS of weapons lying around for you compared to the other classes. Or maybe your class equips guns, but in exchange you'll have to fight more monster bosses than others. It'll be balanced out in the end for all classes.

  • This world is rated PG-13, for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. Language, gore, suggestive themes, and sometimes dark humor. Hopefully, the comedy element balances out the more serious in the game for users, but don't bother downloading if you're offended by any of it.

  • There'll be plenty of blood, but why not have some humor mixed in? Don't expect the usual here, even familiar characters have their own unique personality twist now (hence, if you're offended or weirded-out by the idea of Jill Valentine as a feminist para-military bitch or the evil "Mr. X" as a British ballet-loving undead gentleman, tough luck for you) :-P

  • Quests are a BIG part of this world. Granted, they're optional, but unless you don't want to access areas other than the main city map, expect to be doing a LOT of travelling around and a LOT of fighting opponents. Each map will have "bosses" that you can fight to open a new map. Other times, you'll have to run an errand for an NPC to reach a particular area.

  • These maps are designed to be FULLY explored. There will be many locked areas in the beginning but these can all be unlocked in one way or another. There will be dead areas as well that exist simply as dead ends. Also, there will be places that will instantly KILL if a quest has not been done for it. This isn't like the Isle of Light's Eeeels in Evergreen, you'll be given little time to flee, if any, so be warned...

  • Just like in survival horror games, interactions with NPCs are key. It's not set in stone like most WoS worlds; how you interact depends on your character class. Characters that'll help human characters will only flee in terror or even attack you for non-human classes, and vice-versa. It's a different social experience for each class, with class-exclusive hints and helpers!

  • Lastly, get used to "smilies". Seeing as *I* wrote the scripts, smilies will be used a LOT to convey emotions. Get used to seeing ^^;, o_0, -_-;, ^_^ and X_X around.

Beta version will be released soon! Only the main city map will be active then, but more will soon follow, along with their respective quests!
Note: If you want the BETA to come sooner, then PLEASE help!! I need scripters in a bad way. Right now I only have ONE other person helping, and he can't do it all by himself!! T_T

(If anyone'd be so kind as to host this world file on their server or is interested in being a scripter, please email me and let me know!