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I've been making skins for the Well of Souls game since 2001 when I first started playing, 
since the default skins were kinda "iffy" to me, ^^;;
My first ever skin was my ShyGuy skin, followed by my B.B. Hood skin. Following those, I went on a "Sailor Moon" kick for a while (I was the first to do skins of the Outer Senshi and Sailor Starlights, as Cactrot was the first to do the Inner Senshi w/ Sailor Moon and was my inspiration!). Since then, I've been refining my methods with each skin I make, usually doing "rare" and mostly overlooked characters to counter the more popular ones featured out there.

Here are all my skins to date- over 400! Just pick the page you wish to go to!

To Cuzzy's Series Skins Page | To Cuzzy's Misc. Skins #-F | To Cuzzy's Misc. Skins G-Q | To Cuzzy's Misc. Skins R-Z

(Wanna download 'em all at once? Download the ZIP file here!!)
For 56K Users
Misc. Skins Part 1, Misc. Skins Part 2, Misc. Skins Part 3
For Series Skins ZIPs, please visit the Series Skins Page

Newest Additions
Just remember to right-click and "Save As" for these skins... (They aren't in the ZIPped set)







Personals For Myself and Others
(Use these only with permission from their owners, Personals ZIP)


Coming Soon:
  • Finishing the SSV New Characters series!
  • Finishing the SF3 New Characters series!
  • More NeoGeo Battle Colliseum skins!
  • More MegaMan skins!
  • More Namco X Capcom skins!
  • More Kingdom Hearts skins!
  • More CastleVania skins!
  • More Guilty Gear XX skins!
  • A few remakes of my earlier skins!
  • 29 custom skins for requests on the way- yes, 29!! No more requests until my ZIP drive gets unpacked and the backlog of current requests clears up!! X_X

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