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1/17/06- Ookay, it's been a long while, I know. Happy belated Christmas and New Years, but I *STILL* can't see my own skins in WoS, which worries me, but at this point, I've decided to keep making them anyways. I owe you guys Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2006 skins... Oh, and my New Years resolution is to finish all the backlog of personal requests before college overwhelms. ^_^;;

11/29/06- No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, it's called "Thanksgiving holidays" and "college work". ^^;; Anyrate, you guys wanted updates, well here we go: Updated the series and misc skins pages and ZIP files!! What?? Not enough?? Well, how 'bout new skins including- brace yourself- BRITNEY SPEARS!! Yes folks, Britney Spears is now a WoS skin. If that wasn't enough insanity, my next few skins (the J-Girls ones) are kinda HUGE, so the file size will be huge as well, breaking my personal rule of "make no skins over 100 KB". *WHEW* Even more will follow, too!! X_X

10/31/06- Happy Halloween!! Over 25000 hits for my skins page, whoa mama!! o_0

10/27/06- New skins, new skins!! LOLs, it took forever it seems... but seeing as I'm home from college, stuck inside due to winter weather *AND* sick with the flu, I had absolutely no excuse to not do any skins today!

10/2/06- Updated my Hosted Skins page with Oompy's newest. Sorry I haven't updated my own skins yet, college is a pain. ^^;;

9/4/06- Back from a vacation from hell, and I'll start making skins again right away! Sorry for such a long delay, but I really needed a break before college reared its ugly head again- even if it was a disastrous break, ^^;; *sigh*
RIP Steve Irwin 1962-2006. Crikey, mate, we'll miss you.

8/9/06- Two BIG "thank you"s!! One for my friend TJ, who allowed me to use the super-fast DSL at her place to FINALLY upload the newest skin pack with all my skins as of today's date (It's now so big that Mike has suggested I not link to the one currently on his site until he gets everything updated, lols)! The second goes to all those who have asked me for permission to mod my skins ever since I started my "skin reclaiming" two days ago. It's only the right thing to do, and if you ASK I'll be glad to let you mod em if you keep my name in the credits! ^_^
Last-Minute Edit: Oh and here's the latest skin thief. This one didn't even bother to mod the skin at ALL, aside from the credits square. I mean *REALLY* now, people, come on... -_-*

8/7/2006- Warning: to all skin-thieves out there, if I catch someone has modded my credits frame to claim my skin as their own, I will re-claim it right back! Behold the latest skin thief. Next time someone better do a better job of "re-doing" my skins than just recoloring sprites and switching the talk and standing frames, even if the map sprites are different, I WILL recognise it right away if it's mine. Like I said before, if you want a skin of mine modded, ASK. Even if you mod the skin's name, be thoughtful enough to keep at least "The Cuzzy" as part of the credits...

7/27/06- My friend Oompy has had his skins added to my Hosted Skins page, check 'em out! He does FANTASTIC freehand skins!... Many of you have wondered for a while why I don't draw my own skins free-hand. Well, CuzzySkin_Ph33rMSPaint should answer that question! Blame Grim on the CV world in Well of Souls, he put the idea in my head!! ^^;; (Oh, and more Kingdom Hearts skins will come with the random ones I'm doing now)

7/18/06- New layout!! New layout!! Now there's a new skin series page for people to download all the sets of skins I make, which means ZIP files are now MUCH easier to download for 56K users like myself! ^_^

7/7/06- In honor of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, I made a Jack Sparrow skin for kicks. More "novelty" skins to come as boredom sets in during skinning sessions... ^^;

6/20/06- Ookay, it came to my attention that someone had modded a skin of mine without permission, calling it "CuzzySkinGoddessAthena4". Granted, they were nice and at least kept the "Cuzzy" part in the name and credits, they just color-modded it a tad bit "weirdly". Due to my being a skin nut, instead of freaking out and threatening to not make anymore skins, I went back to the original sprites and recolored it "properly". :-P Judge for yourselves: Before... ... ...and After!
Seeing as it's MY skin, I'm now offering the new-and-improved version here! From now on though, guys, if you wanna mod it and do something like give her a different bikini or hair color, just *ASK* and I'll do it, mmkay? >.>

6/5/06- Okey-dokey, as you can see in the changes to the Personals Preview pic, I am slowly but surely turning out the massive load of personals due! My sincerest of apologies to those on Well of Souls like Grim who are just now getting theirs done after over a year! ^^;; For everyone else, please be patient with me just a little longer, I will indeed be opening the requests line again! Very soon...

5/4/06- As you can see on my skins main page, I am indeed finishing up the Melty Blood series (minus two characters I can't find on MUGEN) of skins! As I'm awaiting my final grades for this semester, why not relieve the stress by making even more skins, right? Also, even though my ZIP drive *STILL* hasn't been unpacked yet, I'm looking over the request emails I've saved to try and piece together all 38 requests back together again while scrounging the internet for MUGEN chars that match. ^^; I promise, I will indeed reduce the amount of backlog, starting with the earliest I received...

4/7/06- I considered having an April Fools Day gag saying "I lost everything on my PC all over again, so I'm quitting the skin-making business!", but considering how long it's been since I last updated, I thought many people might take it seriously. ^^; Any rate, no, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth; when college calms down in two weeks, I'll post up a TON of backlogged requests and new skins, so be patient a little while longer!

1/15/06- Happy New Year, with over 18,500 hits on my skins page!! According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is *MY* year: the Year of the Dog! What better way to celebrate than with a whole bunch of skins, starting with ones from an anime based on a half-dog demon: InuYasha? Also, do any of you remember that rip I was doing of I-No by hand using mspaint? Well, after all this friggin' time, it's finally gonna be finished! Woohoo!! All that and more for the coming year!! (Consider it a late Christmas present...)

11/21/05- What else can I do when I'm home sick with the flu but sleep, eat and make skins? I finished the Touhou Suimusou series (for now) and I'll start doing some more Namco X Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom rare skins later. Also, look for some Ragnarok Online skins in the near future!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to rest up some more, the flu ain't fun... X_X

10/15/05- Sheez, not only am I the first to make a Namco x Capcom skin, I've come to find out today that I'm probably also the first to do a Touhou Suimusou skin as well! o_0;; As you can see, I'm gonna be making a LOT of NxC and Touhou Suimusou skins in the near future for you guys! (Requests STILL aren't back up yet though; please be patient for those!!) All 3 pages, ZIPs and readme files have been updated, check 'em out!!

9/7/05- Wheee!! Happy Birthday to me!! And what a nice online present: over 10000 hits on my skins page!! Double wheeeee!! ^_^ (Also, BioHazard is thisclose to being released in Beta, I have skins and such, now I just need more scripters. Chaotic can't do it all by himself!! Please email me if you wanna help!! Thanks!!)

8/2/05- ...I am *NEVER* recommending "Starving Students Moving" to ANYONE. Incompetent bastards broke nigh well near everything, and what they didn't break, they stacked floor-to-ceiling in the unfinished storage room at my new place. Idiots... This means for y'all that I can't even BEGIN to get to my ZIP drive yet, though I'll still be skinning and working on BioHazard as I can. Hope the new layout makes it easier to find the particular skin you'd be looking for; it's now 3 separate pages alphabetized according to skin name/character name! Thanks for over 8200 hits, too!!

5/20/05- Okay, okay, I'll admit, I couldn't stay away from skinning for long... Even though my skinning materials are packed away in my packed-up ZIP drive, someone was nice enough to give me a blank skin form so I could keep going with random GIFs I found here and there! Therefore, the skins I'm making might be a bit, um, "odd" in looks... Sorry! It's just a temporary thing!!

5/10/05- Good news for me!! I'm moving to Central Virginia! Bad news for y'all!! Because of my inability to access my ZIP drive with all my skinning stuff on it (it's been packed), I can't do any more skins until after the move. Yes, that includes custom requests, sorry!! It'll only be until the middle of June, then I'll start back up again once stuff gets unpacked at my new house!!... Oh, and thanks for over 2500 hits on my skins page!! ^_^;;

4/13/05- More skins and my skins pack got updated, plus I divided my main into three smaller sections for 56K users per Diablos's request. Over 1100 hits on my skins page already??! o_0... It must be that word got around on Well Of Souls that I made a nude guy personal for Angel on CastleVania servers, LOLs. Hope ya like it, Angie! (You perv!!) :-P

3/28/05- Wow, my skins page has over 500 hits! I'm getting popular! ^_^ (Oh, and I made some more skins, too)

1/29/05- Ah yes, a whole new batch of skins, including quite a few custom edits thrown in there. With that, I'm done for a (short) while... I'm used to making skins about every other day, and I'll continue to fufill the HUGE number of custom skin requests I've gotten as of late, but I'm concentrating all of my efforts on two Well of Souls worlds that are up-in-coming. One is a CastleVania-themed world I'm helping make skins for, and the other is BioHazard, which is my own of course. Don't worry, though, I'll be back in no time!! ^_^

12/24/04- Happy Holidays!! I've got a few more skins up as presents for everyone, with quite a few more to come as soon as I get back from vacation!!

12/17/04- Finally, you don't need to go to Mike's site to get all of my skins!! I've uploaded the ZIP directly, check it out on my skins page!! (CRAP, because of that, the FreeServers counter I had on my page reset itself... Oh, well. I'll just have to start all over again! C'est la vie.) ^^;;

12/2/04- More skins up, and now I've added a "Hosted" section for a few of my friends' skins, along with a "Coming Soon" section, so you guys can see what I'm up to skinning-wise! ;-)

11/14/04- I've FINALLY gotten my lazy self around to making a page for the Well of Souls world I'm making: BioHazard. If you like Well of Souls and enjoy horror genre video games, you'll love BioHazard! Go check it out!!

10/31/04- Just got back from Anime USA 6 with a bunch of new pics! Of course, this means, I *definitely* had to move my cosplay stuff to another site, it's too much to have up here otherwise... ^^;;
The site for all my cosplay pics is now up at The Cuzzy's Cosplay Site!

9/29/04- Time for even more skins!! Wow, if this keeps up, I may have to move my KatsuCon Gallery to another site just to make room for all my skins!! o_0

8/10/04- MANY more WoS skins have been put up, and the master file over at Mike's skin site has been updated with these new skins as well... Y'know, I've been getting requests for personal skins over IM from people on WOS, but when it comes time to give them their finished skins, I've realised that I don't have a way to contact them! Please, if you've recently asked me to make a personal game skin for you, email me and let me know, I may have it waiting and ready for you!!

6/11/04- I've been really into the MMORPG Well of Souls as of late, even though I've been making character skins for it back when I first started playing in 2001. To commemorate this, I've added a page where you can download all of my WoS character skins! Enjoy!! ^_^

3/29/04- FINALLY put up some of the pics I took while I was at KatsuCon 2004!! Go here to see 'em: My KatsuCon '04 gallery!!

2/22/04- Geez, It's been a while since I've listed my updates, huh? Ouch. Anyways, I've just added a new Hosted Sprites page for pics and stuff I want to put in the forums I belong to. Should be interesting to see...

1/8/03- Put up a work-in-progress GGXX rip of I-No attacking Bridget in my gallery. Her head's been freed from the background, and the rest will soon follow... The Zappa-and-ghost just needs to be cleaned up and it'll be done, plus I've started work on yet ANOTHER I-No rip!! Lots to come soon!!

1/5/03- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ^_^
I've done some more work on my Zappa-and-ghost rip, check out my progress in my gallery!

12/26/02- I've just been informed over at GCC forums that not only has a version of my Millia rip been done six months before by aquarake, but my Zappa rip has been done by Zazzarius! AAAAAACK!!! *cries*
Oh well, I'm still gonna finish it anyway, seeing as Zazz's doesn't have the ghost attacking. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out...

12/25/02- MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I've started work on a GGXX rip of Zappa, plus I've finished a pretty rip of Millia! Check them out on my Photos Page!

12/11/02- I-No's attack sprite rip has been FINISHED!! Woohoo!! Check it out!!

12/3/02- Okays, all my Bridget rips are finished! Next character: I-No!! I'll keep putting up versions of her rip(s) as I make and edit them!!

11/29/02- Re-did my Photos Page by moving around the pics and re-sizing the bigger ones. Put up two more GGXX rips of Bridget in my gallery!! Check 'em out!! ^_^

11/25/02- Happy Thanksgiving Week!! After seeing Zazzarius putting out cool Guilty Gear rips for quite some time, I've started doing rips of my own!! Some King of Fighters and MvC rips have been added to my Photo Page, and I've started doing a HUGE project of Guilty Gear XX sprite rips!! First character: Bridget!!

11/15/02- I got two pics of my Orochinagi Fighters 3 character, made by ON member (and fellow ONF3 participant) BlueBird!! Thanks, dude!! :-D

10/30/02- Added more pics to my Photos page. Check 'em out!

10/15/02- Put up my Links page! It's all full up now, woohoo!! ^_^

9/8/02- Just started this cool beans site, so not much is up here now, but there will be soon!!